Friday, April 29, 2011

easter dress

An unexpected early arrival postponed the wearing of the Easter dress. Leoni wore it a week late, but then she wanted nothing to do with pictures. This is the best of the bunch.

Removing hair clip

Holding a bunny--upside down

Refusing to look at the camera

This sums it up

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Also delayed, was our celebration of Easter.  Since we had to do things in chronological order, and not all on the same day, Easter was pushed back by Leoni's birthday.  Also, Easter Sunday is a work day here, so we were working around travis' schedule to make sure and include him in the festivities as well.

Sampling a hard boiled egg

Pretty tasty
Now for the yolk
Down the hatch


Realizing she doesn't really like that part

Spitting it out

Carefully lowering an egg into the dye

Carefully lowering fingers in, too

Pulling out a colored egg
Adding it to the pile of eggs

Here goes another (not so careful now)

Luckily, this wasn't a toss

With the finished eggs

Loving Her New Brother

Reading a story

Monday, April 25, 2011

Leoni's birthday

Because Mom was in the hospital on Leoni's birthday, we "rescheduled" for a couple days later.  Luckily, she is young enough to not know the difference.  Happy 2nd birthday!

The cake
It ended up as a pink elephant because sometimes food coloring is difficult to find here.  We were only able to find red, yellow, and green.  So, it ended up as a pink elephant. 
Mostly excited to eat it
Blowing out the candles
Before we could even cut it, she was picking off the jellybeans
And enjoying them
Always time for a little snuggle

Nona & Burke (Four Days Old)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Burke Douglas Wilson

So, I realized that all these posts from Burke's early days are sitting in "drafts" rather than having been published.  So, for the two people that read this, here are some pictures from nearly two years ago.

Burke Douglas Wilson
born 6:55am 21 April 2011
7 lbs. 15 oz. -- 20 inches

He arrived VERY quickly.  If you are interested in the story, you'll have to ask.

Leoni loving the hair cover they put on the female patients as you are being wheeled through the hospital (for modesty).
Meeting her brother

Not sure if she wants to pass along the infant seat/recliner yet