Monday, May 16, 2011

The Rug Man

Living in the Middle East, you are suddenly exposed to the world of carpets much more than I ever had been. I have been asked by a number of people about "Persian rugs" and if I will buy one when I am here. Well, carpets were on our mind quickly after moving here because most homes, including ours, have tile or marble floors. This is great for helping the house maintain the cool from the A/C during the hot months, but it is killer on your crawling/learning to walk kids. It also makes things feel a little "cold" and during the cooler months (notice I didn't say cold) your feet are downright cold as well.

A few months after arriving, we did purchase a large rug for our main room to help soften landings of a toddler and to be a good play area. We knew nothing about rugs and mostly wanted one with good cushion. Since then, we have noticed rugs at friends' homes and asked about them.

We finally made it to visit "The Rug Man," who had come highly recommended by several people. We had no idea what a wonderful and interesting time we would have. We went with my mom, and we were educated about Tribal rugs. (for more info, visit here). Below are a couple of pictures from our first visit. We hope to return and maybe even make a purchase some day.

Burke-3 1/2 weeks