Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A "Q" is always followed by a "U"...or is it?

Maybe in the English language, but not in the case of the country Qatar. That is where we are. There are a few other words in English that balk at that rule, but all that I found are of Arabic origin.

"Where is Qatar?" you might ask. The majority of Americans who have even heard of Qatar only have the connection of it being where the Decepticons first attacked in the first Transformers movie. First, I have not seen any Decepticons. Second, I haven't seen the mountains portrayed by Hollywood either.

Qatar is a small peninsula off the larger Arabian Peninsula. Its border connects to the east side of Saudi Arabia, and it juts out into the Persian Gulf.

We live in the capital, Doha, where the majority of the country's population also resides. For more info on Qatar, you can click here for the Wikipedia version.

You may ask, "Why are they there?" The short answer is, "Travis is teaching English at Qatar University in the Foundations Program." More on this at a later time. We are excited for the adventures we will have here.


  1. Lindsay,
    We just got Leoni's cute little picture and this address today! Thanks so much for sending it...she is adorable of course. I'm so glad to have a way to keep up with the amazing things you guys are doing.

    Love you. Hannah

  2. I'm pretty sure your favorite "QU" word is Quada. Which is why you named the baby Quadalicious, after me.