Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I don't want to forget the little differences in everyday things here in Doha, like the garbage. In Las Vegas, you have garbage men & recycling men who you see jumping on and off of the back of the trucks. They hook up the standard large bin to the truck to dump, toss the other bags of trash, and empty smaller bins into the trucks. I know being a garbage man isn't glorious, but as a kid I always wanted to hang off the back of the truck like them. It seemed so fun.

In Provo, recycling is not as prevalent (I've never actually seen the trucks) and the garbage men are difficult to catch a glimpse of. You must place your garbage can sufficiently far away from the curb, which seems like the middle of the road. A mechanical arm reaches out and grabs the can and dumps it. If it isn't in that can, it doesn't seem to go into the truck.

Here in Doha, it may be a city, but it is a little more "small town." Recycling, yeah, not really happening, though they are supposedly starting up a program. This is the only evidence I've seen in the city of anything "green."

Photo courtesy of Sarah Martin's Facebook

Our trash cans are right outside our front door, so we take our trash out, but we never have to take that can out to the road. Someone comes and collects it daily, often twice daily. The collector doesn't have the mechanical arm to dump it, nor does he get to swing freely from the back of the truck.

He just gets to load up and push his overflowing wheelbarrow.


  1. Here in South America you have to take your garbage out to the curb and put it into a metal basket that is about 2´X 2´. This basket is perched on top of a metal post that is about 4 feet high. They do this to keep the many dogs from getting into your garbage. If you leave something out that can in anyway be recycled, then a man comes by with a horse-drawn cart and picks it up in the hopes of making some money to survive on. He is self employed, not paid by the government. I think it is interesting what each country does. Thanks for sharing---interesting! Emolyn

  2. It looks like an amazingly clean city. And your little girl is sooo cute!