Monday, May 10, 2010

Qatar National Museum

Back in January, I had a hand in helping plan an outing for 8-11 year old girls (Activity Days) to visit the Qatar National Museum. We were going to talk about being a good citizen where ever you live and what that means. I had tried to contact the museum several times for details, but I was having trouble getting someone to answer the phone, which is not uncommon. I finally did get an answer, but the person didn't speak much English, but at least I knew they were there.

I headed over on a Thursday, planing to make a worksheet to help the girls stay interested and learn a little about the country (the outing was scheduled for Saturday). Upon arrival, I was taken back by the desolate parking lot, but I figured that it may not be a popular attraction. That was, until the "ticket window" slid open. We walked over to talk to the guard inside, who told us in broken English, "Closed. Museum closed. Come back, one year."

Well, the outing was canceled, and I thought maybe we would go back in a year when it reopens. A few days ago, I read this. I guess we'll have to push that visit back a few more years. The prospective renovations, however, look impressive.


  1. I think it's so great that you do Activity Days, too! I'm glad you're using that newspaper fashion show idea...I got it from someone's list of ideas online. It was very fun! This activity you did seems great!

  2. I just realized my mistake; I read it wrong. I'm sorry it didn't work out! Good luck with (maybe) going back in a year when it reopens.

  3. Such cute pictures of your daughter. She looks just like you guys! Looks like you guys are sure on an adventure.