Saturday, December 11, 2010

The "Singing" Sand Dunes

We were able to go with a group of "friends" to the Singing Sand Dunes for a Christmas celebration. Although hardly anyone I have met claims to have actually heard the sand dunes sing, they were in full force that night...aided by the ward choir.

Everyone had fun hiking to the top of the dunes

Football & sliding down the face of the dune were favorite activities

Dad & Leoni watching the sunset

Leoni LOVING sliding down the dune
(If there had been more light, I would have had more pictures. It was dark at this point, but I was able to catch this one with the flash)

Leoni enjoying time with Dad & her friend "Boom"



  1. lindsay, this looks super fun! and your little girl is growing up so much. i love seeing pictures of quatar since i'll probably never make it there in my lifetime. post some more of them! -heidi i.

  2. look how long your hair is!!! And congrats on the new baby !