Sunday, November 13, 2011

We are still here

Blogs are great. I have been able to keep up with so many friends and what is happening in their families. I love seeing your families expanding and growing up. I find it amusing when you apologize for not writing "recently" which usually means within the past two weeks. Hopefully, I will have a little more posted soon to read for those who haven't totally given up on me. We have just been a little busy with life the past several months, and while I do still read your blogs from time to time, I haven't really kept ours up to date. Instead of writing a novel in the month of November, I am shooting for a few posts.

Wilson family at the Las Vegas Temple August 2011


  1. AH! Leoni's hair is getting so long! I also like your hair.

  2. Looks like Leoni is a cute little thumb sucker like our Kelsie. (let us know when you're ready to break the habit...we think we've successfully done it!) Your little guy is darling too.

  3. We have missed your posts. Welcome back!!!! ♥ What a cute family picture!