Friday, February 10, 2012

Food Festival

Who doesn't like a good festival, especially when it is centered around food. We had heard about it too late last year, so wanted to make sure to go this year. Hotel & stand alone restaurants throughout the city participate by offering food at low prices (5, 10, or 15QR), so we went to sample the last day that Travis' parents were visiting and ended up returning the following evening as well. We tasted some good food of various cultures and came home quite satisfied.

Mochi demonstration presented by the Embassy of Japan

They are pounding glutenous rice so it forms a sticky ball and then they put a sauce on it.
Leoni loved it.

Grilled meat

Burke was partial to his toy snake

Leoni in the chocolate chip cookie zone

Enjoying the atmosphere set up to lounge & eat

Leoni captured a rare shot of Mom & Dad together while sharing Malaysian & Armenian selections

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