Thursday, March 8, 2012

Visiting the State Mosque

Today, we had the opportunity to visit the newly opened State (National) Mosque. Some basic facts which were found here:

The mosque covers a total area of 175,164 sq.m. As many as 11,000 men can offer prayers in the air-conditioned central hall of the mosque and the adjacent special enclosure is spacious enough for 1200 women.

There are three main doors and 17 side entrances to the mosque. As many as 28 large domes cover the central hall while 65 domes cover the outer quadrangle. On the whole the mosque can hold a congregation of 30,000 people.

For all the wealth of Qatar, it is a tasteful building, unlike some very ostentatious counterparts elsewhere. We were able to take pictures, though they are taken while dodging the grasp of baby in carrier. It was fun and interesting, and a few of the questions I have had were answered as well. I'll write more on Islam later.

One of the side door entrances to the main mosque

The outside hallways around the courtyard

Leoni sitting on a light

Drinking fountain in front of the mosque

Leoni and her friend Isaak

The women on the tour needed to cover their heads and wear an abaya

Me by one of the outer entrances with my hijab and abaya

My friend Afton who met us for the tour

Leoni brought along her "fabric" so she could be covered as well
(Girls under 15 don't have to cover their heads.)

Leoni by colorful stained glass

Leoni & Isaak

The library
It is filled with gorgeous leather bound books, all in Arabic.

A view of the multi-domed roof, which is often referred to as looking like an egg carton

Up in the minaret

A view of the Doha skyline from the minaret

Leoni running around even though she said she would sit and be quiet.

Burke walking toward the rows of tissue boxes on the floor, any toddler's dream.

Leoni outside in one of the "tunnels", where shoes can be removed before entering

There are some nice shots by a professional here, including night shots.
It looks beautiful all lit up at night.


  1. What a beautiful building! I especially love the doorway (outer entrance) as well as the stained glass designs. Great pictures even with hands reaching for your camera from your front carrier.

  2. Can we go here when I come? It looks pretty and I also want to wear an abaya and hijab. And not just during dress-up.

  3. Looking sexy, Lindsay! I wish I could have seen the mosque, though--I took a Humanities of Islam class at BU and loved the art and architecture in the Muslim world. Especially the converted basilicas from the Crusading era. It was really cool to see eastern and western art and architecture combined!