Friday, April 19, 2013

The Hunt

Because I was not feeling tip top, Easter was not quite as organized as I had hoped, but we were able to celebrate in a small way.  We attended church on Friday, and the Easter Bunny visited that night, so we had our egg hunt on the Saturday.

Discovering Baskets

Leoni hunting for eggs

Burke hunting for eggs


Less urgency for this guy

More excited to show off his haul

Able to pause for a moment

Found on his own

An easier way to carry the basket

One more

Emptying eggs into bowls

This was a fun part

More fun than real eggs because nothing gets on your hands

I knew these would only last so long.  
After this realization, they lasted another 20 seconds...maybe less.


Enjoying the spoils

Opening wide

Deciding whether to bite


Stuffing it in

That's it

So proud

Chocolate drool was the next step.

We had fun, and we are glad they are still young enough to willingly share their candy with mom and dad.

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