Sunday, June 23, 2013

Blessing in disguise?

I suppose, I am grateful that my computer is old.  It can't hold a whole lot of photos on the hard drive or it runs really slow, so they are on Travis' computer.  I can't even upload the good camera to my computer.  So, when I want to put pictures on the blog/Facebook/email, I have to first upload them to Travis' computer, then email them to myself or put them onto a thumb drive.  I also have to find a time that Travis isn't using his computer in order to accomplish all of this, which would explain my lack of sharing photos (ie. neglected blog). 

Well, this ended up paying off (sort of).  Travis' hard drive crashed.  After many attempts to recover the information, he has given up.  We will make one more attempt when we get the hard drive to the U.S.  The pictures had not been backed up since April, so Easter, all birthdays (except Travis who is in the fall), Mirah's birth, etc. are all lost currently except for the small handful of pictures I had sent to myself.  These were taken 25 May, when Mirah was 3 days old.

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  1. Thank you for the reminder to back up my computer--really just my photos and docs.