Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dal Al Hamam Park

After several unsuccessful attempts, we finally made it to Dal Al Hamam Park. This is the closest park to our house, but the park has weird hours (like not being open in the morning). It is a fairly large park with a big play area, which is shaded. We packed a lunch and off we went for a picnic. We did have to move our car after being told by security we couldn't park in the employee lot. Signage would have helped, but I guess they pay him to walk over and tell us instead. Also, the sprinklers were on (where is the LVVWD when you need them?).

Eating a carrot along with a little light reading (Life of a Python)

Really enjoying the carrot

Exploring the playground

Getting ready for the slide

First time down a slide, though not the most flattering shot


  1. Did she like the slide? It's hard to tell based on the picture :)

  2. Yes, she did like the slide. I think she went down that slide a couple of times and another one a few times as well. The facial expression is a little funny.

  3. very cool posting - I read through the museums etc just now. I am amazed how fast your little girl is growing! And have small pangs of jealousy at your travel opportunities, but love your photos and posts. Thanks for keeping this up :)

  4. She's getting so big! I love reading about all of your adventures.

    You guys look great!

  5. Are you sure she loved the slide? That picture will make her laugh when she gets older. Loved the butterfly on her glutimus maximus! She's a keeper for sure! Love, Gordon and Emolyn