Sunday, March 14, 2010

Museum of Islamic Art

We visited the Museum of Islamic Art. I.M. Pei was the architect for the building

We saw everything from old manuscripts of the Quran done in beautiful calligraphy, to astronomical measuring & tracking devices, to rugs and carved doors.

The highlight was the current special exhibit entitled Pearls, which had only opened two days prior to our visit. There is more information here.

Examples of all different pearls
I had no idea that all of these are considered pearls
Indian Baroda Carpet
This was one of the coolest things on display. It is a rug woven entirely out of tiny seed pearls and has precious gems in it as well. It is evidently a world known carpet and was purchased last year for a record amount for a carpet, $5.5 million USD.
Leoni checking out the 4th floor

A little more exploring
Some of the beautiful architecture from inside
Enjoying a view of the bay & Doha skyline from floor to ceiling windows
The view

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