Monday, April 5, 2010


There are a couple areas on the Women's Campus for dropping off and picking up students. The minimum age for driving in Qatar is 18, and many of the students start their studies at 17. Also, in a society that is known by some to be somewhat protective of its women, a lot of the female students don't drive. Some girls ride a university-provided shuttle bus to campus. Most have drivers or family members bring them. But, only in a country that has reached unimaginable wealth in such a short time would one see a Rolls-Royce waiting to pick up a university student. Well, maybe a student from the Upper East Side would be picked up in a Rolls, XOXO.

Qatar University, Women's Campus


  1. There is a separate campus for women?

  2. That's the university's shuttle??? Whoa. Suck on that, UVU. :)