Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We had a different Easter dress for Leoni, but since she is on the small side, she doesn't fit into it yet. Luckily, she just started to fit into this one, so it became her lovely Easter dress. Travis & I colored some eggs, and Leoni decided they tasted good, so they didn't last long in the shots with the dress. They weren't colorfast. Needless to say, we made use of the water station at the park.

The Corniche Park (don't know if that is an official name) has lovely views of the bay on one side

And views of the city on the other

However, this is one of my favorite views


  1. Leoni looks so grown up and so beautiful! I love the dress.

  2. Love that last picture of her...she is becoming so grown up!

  3. She is SOOO cute, Lindsay! I love that you posted on my blog because now I've stumbled across YOURS!
    I'm love all the awesome experiences we're having abroad!