Monday, August 2, 2010

Sandy Aquarium

We had the chance to not only visit the Aquarium in Sandy, UT but visit with friends. Angela, Erica and I worked on a life consuming project (all while Angela was pregnant). Erica & I were working for efy and Angela was a functional consultant. Little did we know when we were assigned to the project that in the midst of "trials" we would become good friends. It was fun to be able to get together with our little people.

Erica, Lindsay, & Angela (and the little people)

Snapping turtles

The only picture I got of Leoni in front of the penguins before she was banished. They put up ropes for a presentation. Of course, she could walk right under them, but the aquarium people didn't like that. We had to move down the way since she couldn't see why she wasn't able to be close up.

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