Friday, July 30, 2010

Return to Utah

After a great trip to California, we returned to Utah. I was too tired to try to carry Leoni with everything else, so she was left to follow me through the airport parking lot, carrying baby bear.

Met up with my cousin Emery and my Aunt Tracy for lunch of delicious Thai food at Thaifoon at the Gateway. I have to say they were wonderful with a tired kid who had been travelling all morning. Leoni loved the noodles, too.

We past by the "dancing fountain" at the Gateway. This is one of the first times I was there in the summer during the day. There were crowds of people with their children playing in the water. Because navigating through them took a little while, I noticed this wall.

Sad that I never seemed to notice it before.

Especially since I am one of the people it was dedicated to.

I worked with the Slovenian delegation for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. It resulted in a lower GPA my last semester at BYU (we didn't get time off for the Olympics like most other universities), but it was memorable and I will never forget the experiences it provided me (including living one of my biggest fears...a story for another time).

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