Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Love to See the Temple

We decided it would be a good idea to visit the Las Vegas temple as a family because Leoni has been wanting to see a temple (and sometimes confusing the big shiny buildings of Doha for temples). We met our good friend Angela and her son there. She regularly takes him to the temple to walk around the grounds, visit the atrium, and enjoy the artwork in the lobby.

Pressed and dressed
(the feathery tiara did not accompany us)

The men

Leoni pointing and saying, "The temple, the temple!"

She also saw Moroni on top a we drove up and exclaimed, "It's Moroni. He is jumping over my car." One we were inside the atrium, you could look up and see Moroni. There is a water feature in the atrium as well. Of course, Leoni continued talking about Moroni jumping, "He jumps down and is swimming and swimming."

Once inside the lobby, we walked around and looked at the artwork and talked about Jesus.  We talked about how we felt good being in the temple and that even though Jesus isn't there standing with us, we could feel Him in our heart.  Of course, as I said this and pointed to Leoni's heart, I realized she had an actual heart ON her shirt.  I tried to back track, but it was too late.  She now calls it her Jesus shirt because "Jesus is in the heart."

I did share a photo of our family at the temple in another post, but it was actually cropped. Jasper was an honorary member of our family, especially because he looked at the camera and smiled much better than either of our kids. See below.

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