Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July--Las Vegas City Center

After enjoying a great barbeque, homemade ice cream, and a fireworks display, we decided to extend our evening longer. I wasn't sure how wise this was going to be with jet-lag still hanging on, but we had good friends in town, so we couldn't resist. We headed to the Las Vegas City Center which had recently opened and no one except Holly had visited. It has 5 hotels as well as shopping, spas, etc. (Oh, had to stop at the Bellagio on the way.) Here is some of what we saw.

Large Mushrooms
(shown here with Suzi)

They were also known as...

I don't know if it was the late hour, but I thought that was funny, and so did they.

The Bellagio dancing fountains

Tornadoes in the water

Interesting staircases
(with slices of geode type rocks on the facing)

Comfortable seating in elevators

Fancy bathrooms that smelled great

Fancy bathrooms with a view

Dim upper lobbies with a view

Cool artwork made entirely of stacks of paper

And this guy
Yes, we felt the effects the next morning, but we had a fun time. Now, we just need to go back to explore some more.

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