Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ghassan's (The Green Door)

It seems that our furniture selection is not exactly what we were hoping for. Our shipment from the US finally arrived (four weeks after the latest date of the estimate) a couple days ago, and we're now wishing we had shipped more stuff, including furniture. Our accommodations are provided by the university and are partially furnished. The furnishings include a sofa set, an entertainment center, a computer desk, a dining table and chairs, a china cabinet, a fridge, a small stove/oven, a washing machine (in the kitchen), and beds and wardrobes in each of the bedrooms. However, the Middle East does not design storage spaces into their homes; rather, one must acquire furniture for such frivolous desires. So, we've been looking around for some furniture options.

We want to get a microwave stand (because of our limited counter space in the kitchen), a printer stand to put next to the computer desk, some kind of containment unit for our telecommunications devices (which are currently sitting in a corner on the floor), and maybe a couple other pieces. As we've looked around, it has become apparent (even in the provided furnishings) that long-lasting quality is not a priority here. Furniture tends to be cheap quality but not necessarily cheap in price, or decent quality and extremely over-priced. Someone recommended checking out Ghassan's. No one could really tell us precisely where to find it, and as Doha doesn't really have addresses, it was difficult to find.

So, if you're looking for Ghassan's yourself, you've come to the right place for reliable information. Ghassan imports (primarily) wood furniture and home decor from India. Affordability is always relative, but his stuff is a little on the high end for us. However, it is sturdy, real wood, and unique. Almost every piece is handmade, and possibly re-purposed.

We found reference to the shop on a map where you can tag satellite images to show where things are. Based on that map, we searched unsuccessfully for about an hour - not sure if we were really reading the map correctly, even though I have wickedly good map skills. After discussing that search with some friends, we realized we had been searching just a couple blocks in the wrong direction. We finally found the shop and loved what we saw.

Here is the correct map location. People kept telling us to look for the green door, but we found green doors of all shades during that unsuccessful hour. So, here is a photo of the entrance so that you know you've found the right place. Additionally, there is a small name plate on the door. The door is situated on the outer wall of the property, so head on in to the main villa showroom.

Tel: 443 7448 / 550 9297
Hours: Sat-Thu 9am-12:30pm & 4pm-8pm and most Fri 1pm-7pm (and most Sat afternoons)

Traveling north on C Ring Road, turn right onto the street (Al Jazira St) just after Blue Salon & Al Fardan Automobiles just before IBQ. Turn at the 3rd left (Ibn Rahhal St) just after Preventive Security Department building. Go up to the 2nd right (Aseer St) and look for a dark green door on the north-east corner of that intersection. The door has a gold name plate on the upper left-hand corner. Also notice canopies sticking up above the wall, leading up to the showroom villa.

Bartering seems to be an option if you are picking out several pieces. Delivery is complimentary and either same-day or next-day. Ghassan seems to be a very nice and customer-oriented gentleman.
As with so many maps in Doha, north is not up. On this one, north is to the right, if that helps.

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  1. Please be informed that Ghassan's theGreendoor old villa is knocked down by the landlord we are now in new location , #23 Al Rabban villas compound , Al Kinana St. near Toys r us behind Drabzin And Al Gayat Al Ahlam Studio in Al Sadd