Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tribute to the King

There is something slightly Elvis-esque about her. OK, not really, but for my personal entertainment, she sometime sings Hound Dog and naturally, Viva Las Vegas when wearing her "Aloha Jumpsuit."


  1. So, I saw the picture before I saw the title of the post or what you'd written and I TOTALLY thought... she looks like Elvis. :)

  2. What a darling little girl! We enjoyed looking over your past blog entries. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. Sorry you've got colds. Get well quick, and don't share it with Travis now. Glad your shipment finally came. Now what are you going to cook with all your pots and pans in hand? Love, Gordon and Emolyn

  3. Heeeeheeee....hahahah! You, Lindsay Wilson, would. :) But you're right. She's got it. Collar and all.