Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sharing advice

Our experiences teach us, but they also prepare us to be able to teach others. What I have learned through trial & error might help someone else avoid some of the pains involved with learning or at least cut down the time frame.

Another young mother in my ward sent out an email for anyone interested in sharing Family Home Evening ideas. I responded, since I haven't done a lot of FHE lessons with children, and I figured I could start gathering ideas now. To my surprise, I was the only one who responded. We met a few days ago. Hopefully, others will hear and want to join with us in sharing ideas. We can be such a great resource to each other.

My cousin was recently called as the Primary Music Leader. She has decided to start a blog with ideas for Primary Music Leaders.
Another great idea, and I hope that she'll be able to pool experience and resources for herself and others.

As a new mother, I am "learning the ropes" of motherhood. Sometimes, it is just nice to be able to talk to a friend about what they have tried (thanks, Angela). I know every child is different, as well as every mother and situation, but the more ideas you have to try out, the sooner I can find the one that works for me.

I hope I will always keep in mind ways to share what I have learned. And, I hope that others will feel like they can share with me and are willing to ask me, knowing that I am willing to share, also.


  1. i couldn't agree more. that is why i LOVED mothers group...i learned new ideas every time we met together. it also helped to know i wasn't the only mother going crazy over her glad i found you guys. keep in touch.

  2. This is why I love you... you're just my kind of person. I guess it helps that we came from the same gene pool! :) Thanks for the plug. Hopefully the blog will help anyone else who is newly called and needs help.

  3. hello long lost friend. i love your adventures, thanks for sharing. i am FAR from any kind of experienced mother, but on the fhe note, we love,love the nursery manual. while the kiddos are still young it's really fun to save kate's little nursery handouts and then pull out the manual the next night and 're-teach' the principle so to say. it's easy, kate likes it and it's engaging for everyone :) just an idea . . .

  4. I've been thinking about this VERY THING today! In fact, I think I want to start a new blog (different than the family one) to have an outlet for me as a new mom, but more importantly, to have conversation with other people like me about what they do and don't do and what works and doesn't work for them. I know it sounds weird, but there is a lot more to "new-momness" than just mom stuff. And I've learned from talking and listening that people feel the same way as me! Anyway, long comment, but what I really wanted to say is THANKS. And I'd be open for any and all ideas you have as well.

  5. I COMPLETELY agree! You can never refuse advice from anyone who's been in the shoes you've been in. I'm with Erica, open for any ideas you're willing to share!