Friday, March 4, 2011

Camel Racing Track Visit

We took Heidi out to one of my favorite places, the camel racing track. Although it was not a race day, we again were able to watch training, which I love because you can stand right next to the track and there are always camels out. Here are some of the sights we saw.

Approaching the camel track

Signs to watch for camels

Start seeing lots of camels on their way to and from the track

Camel crossing

More crossing

Here is the building at the track. The stands are on the opposite side.

A view down the track with camels in the distance
The sign says 100, for 100km/hr speed limit for cars driving on the road beside the track

Camels with handler/trainer

Robot jockeys for sale

Checking the jockeys

Potential buyer--they bought two

Leoni checking out the jockeys

More camels

Doing the "camel dance"

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