Friday, March 25, 2011

If a Tree Falls in Your Yard, Does It Make a Sound?

One of the very first plants I remember in our yard growing up was this pine tree. For many years, it was the only greenery in our yard of desert sand. I remember carrying pitchers or dragging the hose out to water it. We eventually landscaped everything, and the installation of a sprinkler system helped it flourish. Well, flourish it did, but last year, a portion died.

We were afraid it was diseased, but upon inspection found that some of the roots strangled others, causing it to die. Rather than remove the dead portion, it was recommended to remove the entire tree because of its proximity to the house. Removing a portion might throw off the balance, and in a wind storm, the remaining portion could topple onto the house, causing major damage. Unfortunately, this meant that the large shady area it provided would disappear along with it. Now my parents need to find a new tree.

Beginning removal

Crane lifting out portions of the tree

The last section of the trunk



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