Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Gleeful Guest

Heidi & I grew up around the corner from each other. She is one day younger than my sister, and our families are the kind of friends that we consider each other family. When she let us know that she would be visiting Qatar for a business trip, we were excited to have an opportunity to show her a taste of the country. She made the arrangements to stay with us rather than a hotel. So, it may not have been as fancy, but we were glad to take her to see a little but of Doha in between work. After she arrived, jet lagged and all, she was great sport in heading to Souq Waqif for some dinner. We went to Tagine (a Moroccan restaurant and only one we know that serves camel) and then saw some local color.
(lots of pictures of Souq Waqif sights at the end)

Leoni hanging out in the window well.

Chicken Pastilla (my favorite dish there--on appetizer menu)

Travis' Tagine
(best main I've had there-had plums & cinnamon)

Queenex--just an example of how much I loved having Heidi around, we were all busting up over the "Queenex" (say it aloud)

Outside the souqs

Fanar Building
[Islamic Cultural Center]

Heidi & the camels in the parking lot

Our little family & the camels

More camels

Tailor shops

Men smoking shisha

Various souveniers

Carved wood tables

The cradle of "creepy baby" that Leoni always has to see
under the mattress is a naked baby doll missing an eye and some limbs

Missionary literature

Agal (Arabic: عقال‎, ʿiqāl) Shop

Arabian drums (doumbek)

A view down one of the many alleys

Locals walking (and talking on cell phone)

Fabric store

Dusting shoe display

Donkey rides

A busy evening

The old pearl diver in his glory days

Lots of traffic on the main drag

Scary alligator head
(another must see for Leoni)


Close to closing time

The crowds head home

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